Allison Guindon, Office Manager

The values of simplicity and community, which I find embodied by the William Penn House, have been an important theme throughout my life and education. Originally, from Barnesville, Ohio, I grew up in Stillwater Meeting and attended Olney Friends School, a Quaker boarding school comprised of students from all over the country and world, with a multitude of backgrounds, political and religious beliefs all living in community.

I chose to attend Haverford College, an institution with deep Quaker roots still reflected in campus life. My junior year I studied in Xalapa, Mexico an experience which broadened my horizons and gave me a deeper appreciation of different cultures. In May 2013 I graduated from college with a degree in Spanish and Comparative Literature.

My desire to be a part of a community whose values were aligned with my Quaker beliefs led me to the William Penn House. I am very excited to have the opportunity to meet a diverse group of people with varied experiences, interests and passions. It is also thrilling to be in a vibrant city such as DC and I hope to be able to take in the wide range of cultural experiences which will be available. My hope is to also deepen my understanding of current political and social issues and to continue to explore my Quaker faith. Contact Allison at

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