Wish List

As we have looked to the future, you can help us by donating the following:

Youth scholarships

To enable everyone to participate in Workcamps or programs.

  1. For $120, 1 young person would be able to stay at the William Penn House and participate in a weekend Workcamp.
  2. For $800 an individual could participate in the Lakota Workcamp for 1 week.
  3. For $1500, an individual could participate in the Lakota Workcamp for 2 weeks.

Greening of William Penn House

We are in the process of improving and preserving the Carriage House.

  1. For $3200, we had a professional engineer design the improvement to the Carriage House to meet the structural demands of a vegetated roof.
  2. The bid for the work on the Carriage House increased by $8000 due to additional work required.
  3. For $500, we can install 1 of 5 solar panels.
  4. For $200 each, we can replace the windows on the 4th floor with ones that close, open and are insulated.

Energy conservation

Homes and businesses can make the largest reduction of energy usage with new refrigeratos.

  1. For $450, we can replace the guest refrigerator with a New Energy Star refrigerator.
  2. For $700 each, we can replace the 2 House refrigerators with new Energy Star refrigerators for House and staff.

Hospitality Comfort

  1. For $1300, we can pay the labor to have the stairs carpeted.
  2. For $1300, we can supply the carpet

Pick-up or Mini-van

The donation of a mechanically sound small pick-up would greatly benefit the transportation of supplies for Workcamps.

WPH is closed for repairs starting Sept. 1, 2019. Online donations are temporarily suspended. We are grateful for your support. Click here for giving options. For more information, contact: wph@fcnl.org. Thank you.