Donating Goods and Services

WPH is about to welcome THREE fabulous new summer interns, so, ironically, we have an immediate need for an extra bed.  If you have a twin bed in very good condition (with or without box spring) that you would be willing to donate in service to well-rested staff, please call the office ASAP at 202-543-5560. We promise to introduce you to our wonderful new colleagues as soon as they have unpacked and had a nap!  Stay tuned.

We are always in need of donated materials to keep the house furnished and our programs running. Below are a few ideas that would be of great benefit to William Penn House.

·       Sturdy and comfortable chairs for the dining room.
·        A large couch and comfortable chairs for the living room.
·       Book shelves and dressers for the bedrooms.
·       Small couch for the staff room.


·       Gardening.
·       Floor and furniture refinishing.
·       Computer consulting.
·       Publications and marketing.
.       Upholstery or slip-cover work.
*        Your old car or pickup can be a very good donation. We may be able to
          use it or sell it to support our programs.
WPH is closed for repairs starting Sept. 1, 2019. Online donations are temporarily suspended. We are grateful for your support. Click here for giving options. For more information, contact: Thank you.