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Team page images like the ones below are added to the page via a shortcode manager. No shortcodes to remember, it’s all done for you with 3 easy clicks.

Because teams are inserted with shortcodes it can be added to any page any post, and any content type that will accept shortcodes.

The advanced team tools that’s added with the upgraded Croma restaurant framework, will make your work a breeze, and will add configurations that’s out of this world

  • Andrei Israel, Executive Director

    I first connected with Quakerism and Quaker education as a 10-year-old camper at Catoctin Quaker Camp, and then that fall as a 5th grader at Sidwell Friends School.  After 13 years in the Baltimore Yearly Meeting camping program (after I aged out as a camper, I returned for seven summers as a counselor and trip leader), eight years of Quaker schooling, and participation in several Quaker workcamps, I finally became a regular attender in 2000 at the Eugene (OR) Friends Meeting.

  • Allison Guindon, Office Manager

    The values of simplicity and community, which I find embodied by the William Penn House, have been an important theme throughout my life and education. Originally, from Barnesville, Ohio, I grew up in Stillwater Meeting and attended Olney Friends School, a Quaker boarding school comprised of students from all over the country and world, with a multitude of backgrounds, political and religious beliefs all living in community.

  • Amelie Laengle, ARSP Fellow

    Hi! My name is Amelie Laengle. I am 18 years old and I'm from a small town in Germany. This past summer, I graduated from high school and am now performing a year of voluntary service with an organization called Action Reconciliation Service for Peace. I am going to spend the next year in DC and be a part of the William Penn House team. I hope to learn more about what we can do to create more justice and find a more respectful way to treat one another. Also, I look forward to getting to know the different culture and this very interesting city. I look forward to meeting you!

  • Bradie Connor, Program Coordinator

    I am a recent Grinnell College graduate and new to DC. I am excited to live in a city where the opportunities to grow a just and loving global community are vast. I am originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan where I grew up dividing my time between Catholic church and Quaker Meeting, and gradually found a home for myself within the Quaker community. Before coming to William Penn House I received my degree in sociolinguistics and moving forward I hope to use my knowledge of linguistics to support equality and justice throughout the world.


Adding team pages requires 5 easy steps.

  1. Create a category to group all the team items that belong together.
  2. Add your team posts.
  3. Add your team category to the post.
  4. Click to open your shortcode manager.
  5. Insert the team shortcode.



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