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What an inspiring weekend as we witnessed and supported the March for our Lives on March 24!  We opened our doors all day as a comfort station, providing beverages, bathrooms, and a place to rest for weary marchers – plus brownies and fruit donated by generous neighbors!  We even had supplies for poster-making in the conference room, thanks to a generous contribution from one of our guests.

More than 600 new friends, young and old, stopped by, and at least 20 posters were made right in our conference room.  Even more inspiring to us on the staff, 30 volunteers gave time and talent to create a welcoming space for marchers, share encouragement and conversation, and keep coffee, water, and toilet paper stocked.  We could not have done it without this generous support!

Click below to see photos from the day.  We hope to see you next time!

March for our Lives

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