Register for the Pine Ridge Summer Workcamp!

This summer, join us in South Dakota for a transformative two-week experience on the Pine Ridge reservation.

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We are pleased to announce the opening of registration for the 2018 Pine Ridge Summer Workcamp!

For nearly a decade, William Penn House has been involved in supporting the communities at Pine Ridge. Join us for this two-week immersive experience of working, camping, listening and learning about Oglala Lakota culture and customs. We will work with people in a variety of communities, supporting their projects, working toward food security, sustainable housing and cultural survival, including their ceremonial practices.

“We spent time working on their farms and making home improvements. But most importantly, we spent time building relationships. We listened to their stories and witnessed their tradition. The experience was beautiful and spiritual, indescribable with mere words.” -Sarah Holtsclaw, 2016 trip participant. Read Sarah’s full testimony here.

July 20 – August 5, 2018*


*Dates may change slightly as we finalize arrangements with local partners.

Email Sarah Freeman-Woolpert at for more information about registering for the workcamp.

2 thoughts on “Register for the Pine Ridge Summer Workcamp!

  • Lisa Bassett

    Dear Sarah,

    I would like to send this information on to my son, who teaches high school in Kansas City, Mo. I think such an experience for some of his students would not only widen their own horizons, and change their perspective on the world, but would enable them to also expand the horizons of others who participate with them. The young people Marco teaches are of Mexican, Turkish, and Somali descent. Many are the first in their family to complete high school; and all will be the first to attend college.

    But before I alert him, I would need to know that funds are available to pay for them to attend. None of them has a family that can afford such an expense. They may even be depending on these students to earn some money over the summer.

    Is there a scholarship program? Even providing full scholarships?

    I am so glad these work camps are continuing. I remember when AFSC used to run work camps like this for young people, and how important they were in forming young Quakers, who remained a strong voice in their Meetings for social justice.

    And I would love the expand the range of people who are able to participate. I hope that may come to be.

    With blessings and thanks,

    Lisa Bassett

    • Sarah Freeman-Woolpert

      Dear Lisa,

      Thank you so much for your message and your interest in getting these students involved in Pine Ridge. I would love to find a way to make it possible for them to do the trip, although William Penn House isn’t able to provide these scholarships at this time. Perhaps there’s a way to fundraise in the local community, either with the local or yearly Quaker Meetings, the Kiwanis Club, or families in the community who could sponsor a student to go on the trip. I’d also be happy to help the group apply for a grant in the future. At this time we anticipate the full two-week trip will cost about $1800, although participants could potentially pay half that price and join only on the first week of the trip if that makes it more feasible. If you can write me at I’d love to discuss ways we could make this possible, as I also think this kind of trip would be extremely valuable for these students to experience.

      Thank you again for your message and hope to talk with you more soon.


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