William Penn Quaker Workcamps

Quakers have a rich history of innovative and challenging service. Since 1986, Washington Quaker Workcamps have provided opportunities for people of all ages to continue this legacy of service through learning, experience and reflection. In 2014, WQW was renamed William Penn Quaker Workcamps to more accurately reflect the spirit of how we work (towards the Peaceable Kingdom) and the fact that we run Workcamps in places other than DC as well as in DC. 3 Principles of William Penn Quaker Workcamps guide us (PDF or Word). You can also download a copy of one of our brochures here.

WPQW provide opportunities for participants to explore the world of social, environmental and economic justice through the lens of Washington DC as well as through the lens of Quakerism, pacifism and peacemaking. We encourage reflection and the importance of relationships and bearing witness as vital to making a real and sustainable impact. Each Workcamp is a unique experience for the participants, but is also increasingly an important part of the DC community (as well as other places where we run Workcamps).  Each group that comes through our Workcamps acts as the steward of the community responsibilities that come with being a neighbor and friend.  Here is a sample schedule of a 5-day Workcamp, but for each group, we work closely to create a vibrant and meaningful experience.  Often, themes and topics are chosen for Workcamps (such as hunger, or environment).  Our job is to work with groups to see that once you start pulling on the thread of any issue, all issues are interconnected and it is the action that starts with "me" that brings about real change.  

Within 3 miles of our building, we have some of the greatest wealth of national and world history, and we have some of the worst environmental, social and and economic conditions in the country. Through WPQW, we nurture a holistic sense of the world, integrating the past into the present while sharing a vision of the future.  It is through this creative engagement that new ideas, new energies and emerging gifts can be brought to the surface.  The video below highlights the spirit of Workcamps.


We work with many community partners in DC, as well as in West Virginia, New Orleans and South Dakota.  A brief list includes:

See here for more information about Workcamps.

Upcoming Workcamps

  • Wednesday, July 19, 2017 (All day) - Wednesday, August 2, 2017 (All day)


    Bring your own gifts as we continue William Penn’s call to Create the Peaceable Kingdom. Become a part of the Quaker presence in Pine Ridge, SD this summer. 

    For two weeks, we camp and live in community on the Rez, share stories and meals while developing an understanding beyond the books. The relationships formed inspire us to become more aware of life on the Rez and opportunities to do what we can to promote greater justice for the people who continue to live with broken promises and treaty violations. The work projects are focused on building for the future while honoring sacred traditions.

    This is a great way to connect—within ourselves as we work through assumptions and discomforts—and with the world around us.  We gain new insights and perspectives about what can be done, what should be done, and what is ours, individually and collectively, to do. 

    Cost: $1550/person for 2 weeks, or $850 for 1 week. This covers all expenses from pick up to drop-off at Rapid City Airport.  We strive to make this trip accessible to all, so please contact us if interested.

    All ages are welcome. Youth under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. For more information or to sign up, please contact Brad Ogilvie at bogilvielmft@gmail.com or call 301-257-5348.