The Foundations of Appreciative Inquiry

The Art of Questions for Community Change: Applications of Appreciative Inquiry

Sometimes it is as simple as finding the right questions to keep people engaged, to find common ground, to build community, and to bring change to the world  This is a 2-day workshop for individuals, groups, and group leaders to gain a fresh perspective to an old idea.

Appreciative Inquiry is a strength-based approach to dialog that brings a whole new level of understanding, collaboration and action to issues me may never have thought possible.

This workshop is ideal for people in position of leadership, and for groups with projects or tasks that are calling for creative and innovative approaches.

It is an opportunity to learn how to turn dialog into action. AI is also a great resource for building bridges and developing broad community collaborations that benefit all of us.

Cost: $125/person; $100/person for groups of 4 or more; $75 for students. Lunch is provided. See link below for registration. For more information and program dates, contact Brad Ogilvie at 202-543-5560 or brad@williampennhouse.orgRegistration Form