Programs for Groups

Within three miles of our front door is some of the greatest wealth and power in the world as well as some of the worst of urban blight and economic injustice.  This proximity allows us to provide a range of experiences that help us to see the world with new eyes for understanding and action.  

We welcome groups of all ages to spend time here in Washington participating in a seminar or Workcamp tailored to meet their needs and interests. We work closely with group leaders to identify the issues and the goals of the group so that it is a fulfilling and enriching experience.

If you are intersted in a " Learning Through Service"-type of program, William Penn Quaker Workcamps fit this model as we take groups to food kitchens, service programs and homes to do volunteer work. But we also integrate activities that put the service experience in a larger global and historical context, encouraging participants to consider not just the problem and the short-term solution, but what we can learn about the problems and ourselves so that we can end or not repeat the problem.

We also work with colleges to develop multi-day seminars. Working with professors and instructors, we develop a schedule of activities that explore a social justice theme. Past programs have included the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, HIV/AIDS, and Global Human Rights Issues.

We work with group sizes of 8-30 people. The rates vary depending on program intensity and size. Please contact us to learn more.

Please remember that many groups book their lodging and programs 12 -18 months in advance.