At William Penn House, we prioritize service and social justice education as core components of our Quaker presence on Capitol Hill. Educational programs at William Penn House bring people together from across the world to participate in hands-on work as part of our commitment to justice, equality, and community. Combining civic engagement with radical relationship-building, we work with groups of all ages to explore our own selves - our beliefs, fears, assumptions, hopes, and spiritual formation - while working to create a more just world. Through these transformative experiences, we seek to renew participants’ commitment to peacemaking, and to strengthen relationships across cultural, lingual, economic, and racial divides.

What makes the educational experience at William Penn House particularly unique is our intentional community. Not only do we host service-learning groups for multi-day or week-long stays, but we also are home to several community events throughout the month. Over a shared potluck dinner during our Quaker Dialogues on Peace and Justice, or during a Tuesday evening yoga session, you’ll have the chance to interact with other guests from around the world who share a vision for a more just world and beloved community. We invite you to engage in both the William Penn House intentional community and the wider DC network during your stay with us!