National Consultative Committee


The National Consultative Committee (NCC) is an advisory committee comprised of Quakers from across the U.S.  Committee members are appointed by their respective Yearly Meetings.

The Committee meets once a year, in early November, just prior to FCNL annual meeting.

NCC members serve as liaison between William Penn House and Yearly Meeting by:

  • providing feedback from YM to WPH
  • providing fresh eyes and ideas about WPH programs, events and facilities
  • serving as the WPH voice to YM & meeting’s in their region by announcing WPH programs, seminars and workcamps
  • setting up a WPH display at YM annual session
  • coordinating occasional visits of WPH staff and representatives to YM annual session
  •  encouraging college students to consider becoming a WPH intern after graduation

National Consultative Committee Members

Jim Cheydleur Alaska Friends Conference
Bill Mims Baltimore YM
Steven Flowers Illinois YM
Tom Kowal InterMountain YM
Jeff Kisling       Iowa YM Con
Burt and Birdie Kisling       Iowa YM Con
Keith Mardock                    Iowa YM FUM
Ellerie Brownfain Lake Erie YM
Jim and Ginger Kenney         Missouri Valley
Margaret Neal NCYM
Eric  Ginsburg NCYM Con
Bonnie Isaacs SAYMA
Patricia Sebens NCYM(FUM)
Bob Schultz                     New England YM
Marge Hannon Pifer          Northern YM
Paul Indorf PhiladelphiaYM
Paul Kriese Ohio Valley YM
Randall Giffen Ohio YM Con
William and Verna Cope Ohio YM Con
Robert Levering Pacific YM
Steven Aldrich North Pacific YM
Ron and Elizabeth Osborne Piedmont FF
Lon Burnam South Central YM
Louis & Karen Putney    South Eastern YM
Earl Smith Ohio Valley YM
Henry M Terrell Wilmington YM