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 Subway and Metro Bus

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One needs a magnetic fare card to enter and exit the METRO Rail system. Machines are at each entrance. The fares range from$1.35 to $4.50 based on rush hour and distance. You may also purchase a one-day pass (good all day beginning at 9:30am). The Metro Smart card is accepted for all Metro travel.

Once you have purchased your card, you put the card into the turnstile "gate" and it will come up in the center. Take the card and the turnstile will open. Be sure to keep your card as you will need it to exit. When you exit it will keep your card if it is the exact fare or give it back to you if you still have fare left over. If you have miscalculated the cost of fare or decided to travel further there are add-on fare machines to increase the value of your card to exit.

To get to William Penn House on the METRO, take the Blue or Orange Line to the Eastern Market subway station. Facing Pennsylvania, cross at 7th Street (past School) and walk to East Capitol Street (about six short blocks). Turn left and pass 6th Street. We are the third house on the left, 515 East Capitol Street, SE. For a more scenic route, get off Blue or Orange line at Capitol South station. Walk "up" 1st Street past Pennsylvania Ave. and the Library of Congress to East Capitol Street and turn right. We are 5-1/2 blocks on the right hand side of the street at 515 East Capitol Street, SE.

Remember on the Metro escalators, stand to the right, walk on the left.

Metro Bus; Washington Metro system also includes and excellent, affordable and on time bus system. The 96, 97 lines service the William Penn House. On the 96 one can visit Adam's Morgan and the National Cathedral. The 32, 36 lines take you to the National Mall, the White House, Georgetown and the National Cathedral.metro bus fares range from $1.25 to $1.35  and the Metro card is accepted.

The Circulator is a new bus system with limited stops with major areas as the destinations.

In addition to the Dc bus and rail systems there are Regional Systems