Donation of Goods and Services


With our record occupancy everything in the house has a shorter than normal economic life. Washers and dryers wear out in 2-3 years. We have replaced all but one of our refrigerators. We have  replaced all of the beds with new ones, but the rest of our furniture is showing the incredible wear and tear that 7,000 guests a year can provide. Below are a few ideas that would be of great benefit to William Penn House.

If you or someone that you know has experience  as a grant writer and is willing to donate or discount the fee, please contact Byron or Brad.

Furniture needs:
·       Sturdy and comfortable chairs for the dining room.
·       Couches and comfortable chairs for the living room.
·       Book shelves and dressers for the bedrooms.
·       Patio furniture for the rain garden.
·       Small couch for the staff room.



·       Computer consulting
·       Help with publications
·       Electrical and plumbing support for Workcamps
*        Your old car or pickup can be a very good donation. We may be able to
          use it or sell it to support our programs.