Greening a Historic Building

During the past eight years, we have been renovating the William Penn House to make the house more comfortable, welcoming and environmentally friendly. Renovations have included:

Now we have worked with the DC Department of the Environment to repair the stucturally weak carriage house and install a demonstration vegetated roof.

The Carriage House is an 1870’s structure that houses our archives and Workcamp supplies. Although the two story building is in good shape, the back wall is bowed and has been stabilized. We will proceed with replacing the roof with a “vegetated roof”. A vegetated roof reduces urban heat, and further reduces the runoff that pollutes the Anacostia River. Photo progress
Each of these steps: the front yard peace garden with native plants; the back yard rain garden; the high efficient heating system; the high efficient heat pump/air conditioners; the no fume carpet; the low water use toilets, the thermal windows; the zero toxic cleaners; the fact that only two of our staff own automobiles and those two take public transportation to work; reflect our commitment to walk quietly on this earth and to reduce our own imprint.

We have also become members of the Sustainable Business Network of Washington, a network of businesses that subscribe to the triple bottom-line of People, Planet and Profits.

The vegetated roof being installed by volunteers May 17-18, 2013

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