Radical Hospitality

Radical Hospitality, in the words of St. Benedict, is “to invite all people into your house as if they were Christ.” William Penn House practices Radical Hospitality in our hospitality program and in everything that we do. To do this calls on us to let people speak their truth.

When we welcome people into our lives and we act as hosts, providing safe places for many truths to be spoken and heard with love, unexpected and wonderful things can happen. Hospitality can truly transform lives. It seems so much of our culture and our movements are divisive – often to the point that righteousness drives like-minded people apart from each other. Too often, people feel that their truth is The Truth, or their way is The Way. It is hospitality that allows us to come together and share in the many truths and many ways.
Our goal is simply to provide hospitality to all, inclusively.  This includes in our building – a warm place where those gathered can share their hopes, dreams, visions. But this also includes outside our walls - when we go out in the name of service and fellowship. Hospitality is an exercise of seeing and appreciating the goodness in all no matter where we are and what we are doing.  We will not agree on all things, and even where we might agree, we will not agree on how we get there. We do ask that we agree to listen to others, being free to speak our truth while welcoming others to do the same.  It is out of this shared experience that we become better for having our time together.