Pictures from Pine Ridge

Over the course of the past few years, we have been a part helping Earth Tipi build for the future, while supporting a family carry on their annual Sundance Ceremony. Here are some glimpses of the progress over the years. 


Worksite Views: From building a sandbox, lounging and sifting clay to gardening and building houses, there are now 2 earth houses, one palette house, 2 gardens and 2 tipis on the Weasel family grounds.


Among the leisure activities include hikes, tours, pow wows and occasional horseback riding


Lodging is always camping and shared cooking. Beautiful night skies prevail.


Among other projects include collecting sage, building kitchens, digging outhouse pits, and preparing for and participating in a Sundance (including sweat lodges, at time)


And there is, of course, time for leisure